Police SWAT Team Issues Early Morning Search Warrant, Three Arrested

There was police activity in the downtown Fall City area early Thursday morning, September 4, 2014. One Fall City resident in the vicinity of SE 43rd reported hearing the commotion around 5AM, including police officers using megaphones and instructing people to “put their hands up.”

King County Sheriffs Office Sergeant DB Gates said officers were in the Fall City serving a search warrant in connection with an “ongoing investigation.”

Sgt. Gates said  the King County Sheriffs Office TAC 30 (SWAT) team was used to issue the warrant around 5:30AM, with detectives remaining on the scene several hours afterward to collect evidence.

As a result of the search warrant service, Gates said detectives arrested three adults, with one booked into jail on Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substance Act (VUCSA, i.e. drugs), one booked for Possession of Stolen Property and one booked for Rape of a Child.

Sgt. Gates stated the rape charge is from a 2013 report and the 6-year old victim, not related to the suspect, no longer lives in the area.

Gates explained that the King County Prosecutor’s Office will now decide on appropriate charges.

Photo: screenshot Google Maps
Photo: screenshot Google Maps

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