Suspect arrested after vandalizes North Bend home, stabs man and flees into woods

Thursday, June 21st around 10PM North Bend residents reported a heavy police presence – of at least five King County Sheriff’s Office vehicles – on Cedar Falls Road near SE 160th Street.  Later a helicopter was also reported in the vicinity.

KCSO Sgt. Ryan Abbott said multiple deputies, including a canine unit, responded to the report of a stabbing. He said a male and female resident returned to their 50+ acre property off of Cedar Falls Road and discovered the door to their small cabin open and the inside vandalized with spray paint.

As they walked toward the door, a known suspect came around the corner and began slashing at the male homeowner. The man ultimately sustained one slice on his right papilla (nipple) and one stab wound on his left upper chest area, both were non-life threatening.

Sgt. Abbott said the victim fled with the suspect following until he was able to retreat back inside the cabin with the female. Once they were inside, the suspect then pepper sprayed the cabin in an attempt to get inside. When that was unsuccessful, he then lit off several fireworks before fleeing into the woods.

KCSO Guardian 1 helicopter was already in flight and was brought in to assist with the search, along with the canine unit. KCSO canine ‘Brix’ and Deputy Dosio tracked the suspect from the cabin down the nearly 400 foot long driveway, locating him about 30 yards from the end of the driveway that was blocked by three patrol cars with overhead lights activated.

Brix then tracked the suspect uphill into the woods where he had buried himself under a thick layer of pine needles and dirt. When the dog contacted the suspect, he exploded from the hiding spot and attempted to roll away and flee again. The canine then contacted the suspect on his right arm and held him until deputies could handcuff him.

Sgt. Abbott said aid crews were called for the suspect who sustained minor bruising and one or two superficial cuts to the back side of his right scapula while being detained by Brix.

He was booked into King County Jail for Investigation of Burglary and Felony Assault.




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