Sunday Night Accident on I-90 Closes Freeway and Stops Traffic for Nearly Four Hours

According to a press memo from the Washington State Patrol (WSP), at approximately 7:15 on Sunday, April 30th, three cars driven by a 35-year-old male, a 25-year-old female and a 36-year-old male were traveling eastbound on I-90 near Highpoint.

On westbound I-90, a fourth car driven by a 45-year-old male with a 44-year-old female passenger was traveling in lane three of three.

Vehicle one, a 2007 white Honda Civic, struck vehicle two, a 2012 red Suzuki. The Suzuki spun around and struck vehicle three, a 2013 white Honda Accord.

The Suzuki and the Honda Accord then crossed the center median into the westbound lanes, where vehicle four, a 2015 Gray Toyota Tundra, struck the red Suzuki.

The causing vehicle came to rest on the right side of the eastbound lanes, the Suzuki ended up on the right side of the westbound lanes, the Honda Accord landed in the median, and the Toyota came to rest in lane three of three in the westbound lanes facing the wrong way.

The causing driver was not injured but faces possible charges of vehicular assault, DUI and hit & run. Three of the four cars were totaled, and two of the four other people involved were hospitalized.

The roadway was blocked for three hours and fifty minutes.

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