Snoqualmie Sunday Morning Inspiration – Julia Is Coming Home Four Inches Taller!

I sit inspired once again, two weeks after I told you about a Snoqualmie mother and daughter traveling all the way to Boston for a life-changing surgery.  My friends, Julia and Sasha, return from Boston on Monday.  I cannot comprehend how incredible home will feel to them.  Come Monday night, Julia steps off a plane standing 5’3″ tall.  That’s 4 inches taller than she left Snoqualmie 2 weeks ago…

Julia’s scoliosis worsened this fall.  The brace she wore for 4 years could no longer rectify her condition.  Her height decreased an inch in one month.  Her organs were being compressed on one side of her body.  She was in constant pain.  Surgery was the only cure.  I did not know how bad scoliosis could get…

Enter Dr. Emans of Boston Childrens/Harvard Medical.  Months of interviews landed Sasha in his office.  With titanium instrumentation, Julia’s spine curvature was corrected 60 degrees – and 4 inches of height regained!  She will still need a brace, but her condition is so much better.

Julia is incredibly strong.  I witnessed this coaching her soccer.  I have read every update her mom posted on her Caring Bridge website while in Boston.  I am unsure I could endure the pain Julia does – and still smile.  Sunday morning inspiration from an amazingly strong 12-year-old young lady.  I think we can all benefit from it.  Hopefully someday Julia and Sasha can tell me how they do it!

To Julia and Sasha – I don’t know what else to say except welcome home.  I saw your dad and he thanked me for writing about you.  I need no thanks.  Your

Julia and Her Boston Doctor

story inspires me.  It makes me think.  What would I do?  How would I handle it if my girls were facing this?  Watching you and your mom assures me others do indeed lead by example.

To add to the inspiration, my good friend Julie got accepted into nursing school today.   It’s a good day!

You can still get updates on Julia and see the x-rays of her spine before and after the surgery at

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