Summer Camps look a bit different this year, but Snoqualmie Valley company – Robot U – is up to the challenge

This year has brought unique challenges to parents as they adapt to the new Covid-19 reality.  And now summer is almost here – a time when many local kids enjoy summer camps, learn new skills, make new friends and have fun. 

This year, though, many traditional summer camps will not be available.  But one Snoqualmie Valley company, Robot U, has created a Summer Camp experience that the owners say is fun, interactive, and educational. 

AND, it can be enjoyed at home.  

Robot U owner Don Gronning said that he, like many other business owners, was taken by surprise with Covid-19.  He commented, “Immediately, our after-school enrichment classes were cancelled as schools were closed. We adapted by creating at-home classes, where we deliver sterilized kits and computers, then provide online classes 5-days a week.”  

With these at-home classes, kids got the opportunity to build robots all day long if they desire, then attend a daily virtual class where they could ask questions, get help, or settle in to feel they were attending a more structured class.

Gronning said, “It has been rewarding to see kids adapt and use the online format to interact with each other, with the instructor, and with the kits and computers.”   

And now it’s time for summer camps.  Historically, Robot U’s Summer Camps are offered throughout the Puget Sound, primarily at YMCAs in Seattle and Snohomish.  This year those camps have been cancelled, along with many others. 

After seeing how well the at-home classes worked, Robot U is offering weekly, at-home, full and half day camps all summer long. Using their proven process of delivering sterilized computers and kits for the week, Robot U is also encouraging collaboration and team building when possible. 

If parents can have two children working together, sharing one kit and computer (as is the norm for our Y camps and classes), they will only be charged for one camp.  Robot U also offers sibling discounts, if children in the same family want to attend different camps.  

As warm weather approaches, local companies are adapting to support families to make it a great summer – even if it is a little different this year. 

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