Stay Informed and Get Involved in the 2024 Comprehensive Plan Update

The City of North Bend is in the process of updating its Comprehensive Plan. This document provides a framework to guide investments over the next 20 years and helps ensure future projects align with the community’s vision and goals.

The City is required to update the Comprehensive Plan under RCW 36.70A.130 so that it complies with the State’s Growth Management Act (GMA), which is a series of state statutes requiring cities and counties to develop a plan every ten years that manages their population growth.

The Comprehensive Plan addresses a wide range of future planning for the City, including:

  • Land use
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Capital improvements
  • Parks
  • Utilities

The Plan also establishes broad land use patterns and forms the basis for zoning and development regulations.

This is an important update and may result in revisions to the City’s zoning, which could affect the potential development of individual properties and neighborhoods. The City welcomes and encourages your participation in this update.

For more information on the update and how to participate, view the Comprehensive Plan update webpage at

Also, stay current on this topic by signing up for “Notify Me” and selecting “2024 Comprehensive Plan Periodic Update.” Receive news alerts from the City of North Bend on the Comprehensive Plan update.

For questions, please contact Principal Planner Mike McCarty, at, or by phone, at (425) 888-7649.

[Information provided by the City of North Bend]

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