Snow this Weekend? Yes, No…. or Maybe Seems to Cover it

UPDATE | February 22, 2014, 11:30AM

The Winter Storm Watch issued for the Snoqualmie Valley has been recalled. Snow is still possible, but not enough to warrant a watch any longer.

As the snow fell lightly on Snoqualmie Ridge Saturday morning, kids might be wondering, “Will we get more?”

According to weather forecasters, the answer is complicated, and a somewhat non-committal, MAYBE.

Forecasting snow in Western Washington is often one of the most difficult and tricky things for even the National Weather Service. But according to their website, a chance for some accumulating snow in the Snoqualmie Valley definitely exists.

But at the same time, there’s a good chance there could be nothing, as temperatures are right on the rain/snow line and whether or not cold air from the northern Yukon makes it far enough south is in question.

Officially, the Snoqualmie Valley was under a Winter Storm Watch early Saturday morning, which is a polite heads up that the possibility for accumulating snow exists, but that storm watch was dropped around 11AM.  It now appears locations further north appear to have a higher chance for accumulating snow.

If you know your latitude/longitude location, you can receive a personalized forecast on the National Weather Service website. For Snoqualmie and North Bend, the National Weather Service says there is a 80-90% chance of precipitation from Saturday night through Sunday night, with 1 – 9 inches  of snow possible during that time period  – IF it gets cold enough.

So… as the possibility for lots of snow is out there, it might warrant checking the forecast later tonight so you don’t get caught off guard.  The computer weather models usually have a better handle on forecasts as the event draws closer.

Interestingly, weather guru and University of Washington Atmospheric Science professor, Cliff Mass, said in his latest blog post, “My gut feeling is that Sunday night/Monday morning will whiten up the Seattle area…but we will see.”  Again… another MAYBE.

Light snow fell in Snoqualmie and North Bend Friday morning, February 21, 2014.



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