Snoqualmie's Crazy Weather – Wind, Snow And Now Flooding?

The National Weather Service has officially changed the Flood Watch for the Snoqualmie River to a Flood Warning.  Usually that means flooding is imminent versus a possibility.   The Snoqualmie River near Carnation and near the Falls is expected to go above flood stage.   This could impact homes and businesses in North Bend and historic Snoqualmie.

Higher elevations in the north and central Cascades can expect 5 – 9 inches of rain in the next 48 hours which will drive all stems of the Snoqualmie River above flood stage.  According to Cliff Mass, UW Atmospheric Science Professor, latest computer rain predictions also show  2-5 inches in the Puget Sound lowlands through 4AM Monday.  You can reference his weather blog at  Most area rivers are expected to experience moderate flooding.  The lower Snoqualmie River is one of the rivers which could experience major flooding.

For current, local flooding information you can visit King County’s Snoqualmie River Basin Flooding Information page:  This site has current river levels (updated hourly) and forecast cresting times.

Residents are advised to take usual flooding precautions.  Included is moving themselves, cars and valuables  to higher ground, staying away from power lines and electrical wires, turning off utilities at the main power switch and turning off the main gas valve.  Driving in flooded in flooded areas is very dangerous and highly discouraged.  It is the number one cause of flood related deaths in Washington.  Please don’t attempt to drive on water-covered roadways!

Hoping the predictions stay on the low side and waters stay within the river’s banks.  Stay safe and dry!

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