Snoqualmie Valley Young Life Offers BIG Discount for Summer Camp

This guest piece is from Lori Riffe, Snoqualmie resident, mom to a middle school aged son and writer of her own blog, Tainted Fishsticks.

At the tail end of the holiday season many parents look forward to getting back to ‘normal.’  Cleaning up the decorations, putting away new gifts and sending their kids back to school. With the freshness of school break on our minds, it’s a great time to start planning what the kids will do come summer.- when 9 weeks off sometimes feels like FOREVER.

Although it might seem odd to plan summer when it’s 30 degrees outside, it’s the best time of year to get good deals on things like summer camps. Many organizations have ‘early bird’ discounts available in the winter.

Some incredible camps you may not have heard of for middle and high school kids are offered through Snoqualmie Valley Young Life (SVYL). Young Life is a national faith-based organization focused on reaching students from middle school through college, including kids with disabilities. You can read more about Young Life’s mission and purpose HERE.  SVYL is currently serving local high school students with their weekly ‘CLUB’ meetings in downtown Snoqualmie, and they took several high school students to their ‘famous’ Camp Malibu this past summer.

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 7.50.31 AMNext fall, SVYL will begin its middle school program, called Wyldlife. Much like the high school program, they will have weekly ‘Club’ meetings for the middle school students. To kick off this program, they want to send 12 kids entering 6th-8th grade (fall 2013) to a week-long camp called Creekside in Oregon. SVYL is currently offering a $100 discount to this amazing camp if registered by 12/31/12. Yes, that’s RIGHT NOW.

Middle School Camp dates are August 6th-10th, 2013

Have your kids watch this video of Creekside

Additional camps are available and eligible for the $100 discount, including 9th grade only and 10th-12th grade options.  All camp information, dates, videos and registration can be found HERE.

For more information on camp or qualifying scholarships, please contact the Snoqualmie Valley Young Life office. Kids will not be turned away because of their inability to pay.

On a personal note, we are sending our son, who will be in 8th grade next year, to Creekside. We look forward to SVYL expanding its middle and high school programs for an ever-growing tween and teen population here in the Valley.

Snoqualmie Valley Young Life Camp Malibu 2012
Snoqualmie Valley Young Life Camp Malibu 2012

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