Snoqualmie Valley Wrestling Club Hosts First Tournament This Weekend!

After traveling across Washington State for over six years and attending numerous yearly tournaments, the Snoqualmie Valley Wrestling Club (SVWC) is hosting its first wrestling tournament.

Starting tomorrow, December 29th, 10AM,  in the Mount Si High School gymnasium, SVWC will host the Western Washington Kids Wrestling League (WWKWL) Mid-Season Challenge. The tournament will be staffed by over 50 parent volunteers and the club’s advanced, middle school and high school wrestlers, and will run 8 mats simultaneously, with over 250 wrestlers competing.

WWKWL tournaments are for novice wrestlers who have competed two years or less.  These tournaments offer an opportunity for those new to the sport to hone their skills in a real match setting, without intimidation of facing a more experienced opponent. Medals are  awarded to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th place finishers.

SVWC’s goal is to successfully execute a fun and challenging tournament, with the hopes of then bringing a larger official USA Wrestling tournament to the Snoqualmie Valley in the future.

Mount Si High School Boosters will run the concessions stand for over 500 wrestlers, family and friends attending the tournament.

The Snoqualmie Valley Wrestling Club has have started off their current Folkstyle season with great success. Numerous wrestlers have placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd at area tournaments.  The team recently placed 2nd at the Ferndale Folkstyle Wrestling Tournament and 3rd Place at the NWWC Ultimate Wrestling Challenge in Bremerton.

Good Luck Snoqualmie Valley Wrestling Club!  You can keep up with SVWC happenings on their Facebook page.

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