Snoqualmie Valley Unprecedented May Wind Event Possible for Wednesday

The Snoqualmie Valley has a November wind storm heading our way on May 18th.

This won’t be a historic wind event, but this is an unprecedented situation for May. With this spring being the coldest in over ten years, Mother Nature decided to add something else into the mix.

The winds should start to pick up for us out here at around noon on Wednesday and should calm down later into the evening hours.

Right now, most of the models are showing 35 to 40mph gusts possible for us. Landfall of the low means everything.

The above image currently shows the low-making landfall on the northern tip of Vancouver Island.

Here are a couple more images showing the possible wind gusts for the area.

The snow level will drop down to about 4000 feet, so be prepared for that if you plan to hike in the higher hills.

If you have anything outside, patio umbrellas, etc., that could fly away, I’d recommend taking them down.

As for our cold and wet spring, nothing in the long-range forecast shows a change from the current weather pattern.

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