Snoqualmie Valley Transportation running during Stay Home order: all fares donation-based, drivers help deliver supplies, food to residents

As public transportation is deemed an essential service, Snoqualmie Valley Transportation (SVT) said it would continue to run buses to serve the community during the statewide Stay Home order issued by Governor Inslee on March 23rd.

Last week SVT said it will continue operating its regular schedules and hours under the order, since many workers are unable to work from home and must travel to and from their job sites.

Starting Monday, March 30th, all bus fares are now donation-based, with no one refused a ride for inability to pay.

“We don’t want anybody to be unable to take the bus because of the fare,” said SVT Director Amy Biggs. “There are so many people out of work right now. We don’t want taking a bus to be an obstacle for anybody, so we’re following King County Metro’s example and going fare-free.”

Although SVT buses have been operating on regular routes throughout the outbreak, some adjustments have been made [as needed] to address the closures of the North Bend Outlet Mall and the Snoqualmie Casino.

The community also needs support in other ways, so SVT said it has begun to reimagine how it works.

“We have talented, skilled drivers and logistics support. What could we do with that?” Biggs asked.

Delivery was identified as one option. SVT is in discussions with area food banks to create a system for delivering food to clients. As unemployment rises, the food banks are expected to see jumps in participation, which could be difficult to accommodate along with social distance requirements.

Note: Clients who are interested in getting deliveries should first check with their food banks for more information.

SVT said all buses are thoroughly cleaned at least twice a day. People who are sick are asked not to travel, and all riders are asked to cover coughs and sneezes and to wash their hands frequently.

For the latest updates, information and routes visit, go to, or call 425-888-7001.

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