Snoqualmie Valley Schools Open on time, limited transportation in North Bend, Snoqualmie

As some light snow fell overnight, the Snoqualmie School District announced schools would OPEN on time and on a regular schedule, Tuesday, February 27, 2018.

The district’s buses would, though, be running Limited Transportation in two areas: area A (North Bend) and area B (Snoqualmie).

Bus routes for limited transportation days are listed below:


  • Cedar Falls Road – No side roads serviced past River Bend and no service past Wilderness Rim. If this road closes, there will be no bus transportation on Cedar Falls Road.
  • Wilderness Rim – Main road only; no side street service or stops around the lake.
  • 468th Ave. SE & Edgewick Road – All side roads meet at Edgewick Road. Route goes to 464th Way SE and turns around at the end.
  • Middle Fork Road – Bus will turn around at Twin Falls Middle School.
  • Mt. Si Road – No side roads serviced and no service beyond 470th (River Point).
  • Uplands – Pick up at
     415th Ave. SE and SE 142nd Street.
  • Forster Wood – Meet at entrance. (NEW)

AREA “B” SNOQUALMIE (plus, Lake Marie and Lake Alice areas) 

  • 96th St. – Echo Lake – Meet at entrance to 96th.
    • No side roads will be serviced.
    • Deer Park (HS/MS students only) – Pick up at SE Swensen Dr. & SE Leitz St. No elementary bus service for SE Swensen Dr. to TRES.
    • Aster Creek – Pick up at SE Jacobia St. & Hancock Ave. SE.  (NEW)
    • Eagle Point (HS/MS only) – Pick up at SE Jacobia St. & Hancock Ave. SE. (NEW)
    • Eagle Lake (HS/MS only) – Pick up at Fairway Ave. SE & SE Ridge St.
    • No bus service to Cascade View Elementary.
    • Azalea (HS/MS only) – Pick up at Fairway Ave. SE & SE Ridge St.
    • Carmicheal – Stops along Carmichael Ave. SE, not beyond SE Sorenson St.
  • Highland Drive & Tokul Road – Pick up at 3 intersections: Main Line & 396th Drive SE.; 396th Dr. SE and SE 53rd St.; and, SE 53rd Way & Tokul Road SE.
  • Ernie’s Grove – Pick up at SE 72nd St. & 444th Ave SE.
  • SE 80th St. (Coal Mine Rd.) – No service beyond 378th Ave SE.
  • Lake Alice (Fall City) – Pick up at trail head at SE 56th St.; no transportation into Heather Crest.
  • Lake Marie (Fall City) – Pick up at 356th Ave. SE at the first entrance to Spring Glenn.
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