Snoqualmie Valley School Bond Voter Registration Deadline Is Monday, March 28th

Did you get outside for the first great spring days? Re-acquaint yourself with your old friend Mr. Sunshine?  I did.  I ran through my ever-growing city.  I  ran past Swenson Park where the MSHS JV girls softball team was playing a game.  The play structure was crammed with kids.  Up in Aster Creek, builders were busy constructing at least new 10 homes.  New signs are in place advertising a new builder on the Ridge – Pulte Homes.

My run was like a wake up call for those thinking growth has died off in Snoqualmie.  Maybe the pace has slowed, but everywhere were signs that growth is alive and kicking.  There were kids in strollers, kids at parks, high school softball games on the Ridge because too many other sporting events were happening at MSHS, builders pounding nails, foundations poured, lots for sale.  Summation in one word?  Growth.

Growth usually means one thing to school districts – crowding and then over crowding.  That growth is what Snoqualmie Valley School District officials are planning for with their second attempt at passing a school bond on April 26th.  If you would like to have a say in this special election, your deadline for registering to vote is this Monday, March 28th.

Registering to vote is not difficult.  You can even do it online at  You can also visit King County Elections for information on eligibility, requirements, registration methods, etc.

In February the Snoqualmie Valley School Bond failed by just one single vote.  The majority of the $56 million bond would pay for a new middle school on Snoqualmie Ridge.  The current Snoqualmie Middle School is slated for annexation to Mt. Si High School in 2013 – to meet its blossoming enrollment.  Snoqualmie Middle School will become the MSHS 9th grade campus.

This past February, 59.98% of voters approved the SVSD bond measure.  School construction bonds require a 60% super majority approval number.  District officials are hoping running the same bond in April proves successful.

If you are new to the valley – and many residents are – you need to register or transfer your voting registration by Monday, March 28th.  That is the deadline to get your voice heard on the future of schools in Snoqualmie Valley.  Don’t think your vote won’t count.  Last February’s election proved that yes indeed, each and every vote matters.

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