Snoqualmie Valley Runner at Boston Marathon Describes Chaos After Bombs Explode; Names of Local Runners who are Safe

The Boston Marathon is a huge deal to those who run it and a joyous occasion for the City of Boston.  Today, tragedy struck the city and the 117th Boston Marathon when two bombs exploded near the finish line.  News reports say many are injured and two have perished.

So far we’ve been able to track through Facebook posting some of the local Valley residents in Boston for the race – and that they are okay.

Sean Sundwall and his sister Sommer Reynolds reported they are safe.  Jessica Heyting and Scott Paul are both also safe.  Scott is a worship leader at I-90 community church.  The Cerda family is also together and safe in Boston according to Anna Sotelo, owner of Ana’s Mexican Restaurant.  Also okay are Shuree Werelius-Celli and her husband Sean, as well as Susan Coopers, husband and her sister.

Sean Sundwall commented from Boston, “The city has a very eerie feeling of being under siege. Hundreds of ambulances and many more police. Police have asked people to stay where they are and not go outside. It’s just so sad.”

Sean said he spoke to runners who were not allowed to finish the race and said the runners were sad not to be able to finish, but “relieved they weren’t there.”  Sean finished by saying, “The silver lining is that it happened late enough in the race … It could have been so much worse.”

I know others of you are/were waiting to hear from friends in Boston as well.  Please leave a comment as you find out information.

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