Snoqualmie Valley Pets 101: 20 Interesting Facts about Dogs

smart-dog-thumb8552068-275x300Think you know everything there is to know about dogs?  Pet trainer for LeChic Pet and North Bend resident, Melissa Grant, debunks some myths and shares some lots of little-known facts and tid-bits about our furry four-legged friends.


  • It is a myth that dogs are color blind. They can actually see in color, just not as vividly as humans. It is similar to our vision at dusk.
  • If never spayed or neutered, a female dog, her mate, and their puppies could produce over 66,000 dogs in 6 years!
  • In Roman times, mastiffs donned light armor and were sent after mounted knights
  • President Lyndon Johnson had two beagles named Him and Her
  • The Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts both offer merit badges in dog care
  • The Ancient Chinese carried Pekingese puppies in the sleeves of their robes
  • The oldest dog on record – a Queensland “Heeler” named Bluey – was 29 years, 5 months old
  • An elderly woman was saved by her 12 pound Yorkshire Terrier who fought off an 80 pound Akita and survived with only 9 stitches
  • The earliest dog fossil dates back to nearly 10,000 B.C
  • Puppies sleep ninety percent of the day for their first few weeks
  • Rin Tin Tin was the first Hollywood dog-star and he really signed his movie contracts – all 22 of them – with a paw print
  • George Washington had 36 dogs – all foxhounds – with one named Sweetlips
  • U.S. Customs dogs “Rocky” and “Barco” were so good at patrolling the border that Mexican drug lords put a $300,000 bounty on their heads
  • All dogs are identical in anatomy – 321 bones and 42 permanent teeth
  • Humans have kept dogs as pets for over 12,000 years
  • Dogs judge objects first by their movement, then by their brightness, and lastly by their shape
  • At the end of the Beatles’ song “A Day in the Life,” a high-pitched dog whistle was recorded by Paul McCartney for his sheepdog
  • Dogs nose prints are as unique as a human’s finger prints and can be used to accurately identify them
  • 70% of people sign their pet’s name on greeting and holiday cards
  • Cerberus was the tri-headed dog that guarded the underworld in Greek mythology


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