Snoqualmie Valley Little Free Library Scavenger Hunt

[Guest Post by Shyanne Olsen Steward of Meadowbrook Little Free Library, Snoqualmie]

We’ve all been tangled up with our technology thanks to the Pandemic. It’s been a way of survival in many ways and it’s also been like living in a fudge shop.  If you’ve had your fill, it may be time to unplug, stop the never-ending debates and carve out moments to reconnect with your community.  As we look to celebrate the 12th annual National Day of Unplugging (celebrated first weekend in March), here is one fun way to do just that. Why not try a neighborhood, Little Free Library Scavenger Hunt?! 

Hunts will be taking place across the globe, with several communities in Snoqualmie and North Bend coordinating their own on March 5 & 6.  Little Free Libraries (LFL) are built on the “take a book – leave a book” concept, making it the world’s largest book sharing program. LFLs come in all shapes and sizes and have been around since 2009 with over 100,000 registered boxes in 50 states and 110 countries (there are currently 25 Little Free Libraries in the valley!).  

How does the scavenger hunt work? A clue is taped to a little library at each stop. It may be a riddle, a word to unscramble or decode. We partner with the Nocturnals book series, so many hunts will have clues about night-time creatures, big and small. With many indoor businesses closed right now, LFLs are thriving to keep the love of reading alive and create an opportunity to get out of the house in a socially distant way. People can look for clues at each of the stops and not take books, or if they feel comfortable, they can pick up books and other goodies that will be put out along the way (bookmarks, treats, dog treats, craft kits to take home etc.). Do all or part of the hunt and when you are done, go to our website to check your answers and get a link to a storytime reading by the author Tracey Hecht.  

Register HERE before March 5 to get event updates.  We’ll announce hunt locations and unveil the address of the first stop for the different hunts. At the first location, participants will get an instruction sheet with addresses of all the stops.  

Families can participate in other fun activities for National Day of Unplugging, including a Fort Fun Photo Contest and Crochet for a Cause.  Check out our list of 50+ things that you can do on NDU for a full list, from fun at-home activities to things you can do in your small pod or community. 

About NDU and the Unplug Collaborative -NDU is an awareness campaign that promotes a 24-hour respite from technology annually observed the first weekend in March.  NDU began as a project of Reboot and for more than a decade, schools, religious institutions and businesses have used our resources to inspire healthy life/tech balance for their communities. 

Participation is open to anyone who wishes to elevate human connection over digital engagement. In February 2020, the non-profit Unplug Collaborative was formed by a dedicated group of digital wellness advocates wanting to take the awareness campaign, National Day of Unplugging, to the next level. 

Scavenger Hunt is Sat, March 5 & 6.  Addresses to be posted on March 4th on our website HERE.

Meadowbrook Little Free Library Facebook page

FOR MORE INFO: Contact Claudia Erickson, Director of Strategic Partnerships at / 619-248-6532

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