Snoqualmie Valley Hospital opens COVID-19 testing center

On Monday, March 9th, the Snoqualmie Valley Hospital (SVH) announced it had opened a COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) test collection site for community members either experiencing virus symptoms or who have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for the illness.

Symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, cough, shortness of breath and occasionally a sore throat.

SVH Interim CEO and Chief Medical Officer Kim Witkop said, “Test samples will not be run on site. They will be submitted to a national testing site with results returning in 72 hours, which is currently faster than the state lab is able to process results due to overwhelmed capacity.”

Witkop added, “We find those who are ill appreciate testing closer to home.”

The Snoqualmie Valley Hospital COVID-19 testing site will be open weekdays from 10AM to 6PM. How long it will remain open will be determined by hospital officials weekly, based on the need and duration of the pandemic.

Do not use the main hospital doors if arriving for testing, as SVH is taking extreme efforts to minimize introducing the virus to its vulnerable patients. There is a designated entrance to the temporary testing site approximately 25 yards to the left of the main hospital entrance.

Those coming for testing are asked to wear any type of available facial covering into the site until a mask can be put on upon entering.

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