Snoqualmie Valley Hospital District Wants to Know What You Think of It

Do you use our local hospital and/or its clinics? Didn’t know we even have a hospital?

Often times new residents don’t realize Snoqualmie Valley has a hospital; thinking Issaquah is the closest location for an emergency room.

But we do have a hospital.  In fact, a new one will be built in the next two years near Snoqualmie Parkway and I-90, replacing the current facility tucked away off North Bend Way near the casino.

Current Snoqualmie Valley Hospital located off North Bend Way
Current Snoqualmie Valley Hospital located off North Bend Way

Our local hospital district wants to know what you think of it – regardless if you use their facilities or not.  So if you have 1 to 5 minutes to spare, they would appreciate hearing your opinion about its clinics and hospital.  I took it.  It’s simple, quick and anonymity is your choice.

The Snoqualmie Valley Hospital District is conducting a brief survey in an effort to better understand community perceptions of their organization and to measure awareness of their programs and services.

They will use your input to form messages and a marketing plan to educate the community about the services and programs they offer to help people live healthier lives.

Survey results are sent directly to an independent research firm, so your responses are confidential.  Only composite results and relevant anonymous comments will be reported to the hospital district.

If you’re up for it, click the link to take the survey:

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