Record Heat Possible for Snoqualmie Valley Early Next Week

Shhh… The weather guys are starting to buzz.  It’s been awhile since the Pacific Northwest saw triple digit temperatures – since July 2009, with a record heatwave that saw Seattle hit 103 and North Bend hit 113.  But they’re starting to buzz as each new weather forecasting computer model comes out.

Disclaimer!  This does not mean triple digit temperatures are a done deal.  Weather forecasting is difficult in our area due to mountains and multiple bodies of water.  What appears to be occurring, a strong area of high pressure building over the western United States, is opening the door to a possible heatwave by Seattle standards.

The National Weather Service issued a Special Weather Statement on June 27, 2013 saying, ” The potential exits for temperatures to end up hotter than forecast… or well into the 80’s and 90’s the first half of next week.  One weather model indicated that parts of the interior could reach a scorching 100 degrees next Tuesday and Wednesday.  However, it was still too early to tell… with any certainty… exactly how hot it will get.”

One day later and they’ve backed off that statement, saying only the lower 90’s are predicted for the Snoqualmie Valley for Monday and Tuesday, with a new Special Weather Statement.

Television weather producers were chatting via Twitter, though, with language often only known to them, saying “588 thickness line on Wed. PM – unreal. The 591 is to about Salem.”  According to KOMO TV weather producer, Scott Sistek, one recent weather model even extends the heat through July 5th before a cooling marine push makes it into the region.  And then again, the models changed.  Such is weather life in the Seattle area.

Of course, the models can all change course yet again and leave us comfortably in the 80’s.  But  if even that is hot for you, consider this an early warning to pick up a couple extra fans and/or make sure your air conditioning is functioning properly.  Oh, and get those blow-up pools and sprinklers ready for the kids, too.

It appears, summer wants to come in like a drama queen and make her presence known, dispelling the myth that summer in the Northwest doesn’t always start on July 5th.

Nat'l Weahter Service predicted temps for North Bend, WA. Photo: Screenshot
Nat’l Weahter Service predicted 4-day temps for North Bend, WA. Photo: Screenshot




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