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In the heart of Snoqualmie Valley, amidst its sprawling landscapes and breathtaking vistas, resides Stacy Garfield, a local photographer whose work transcends mere images to tell stories of love, adventure, and the great outdoors.

With a background as vibrant as the scenes she captures, Stacy’s voyage from aerospace engineer to elopement and landscape photographer is a testament to following one’s passion and the transformative power of nature.

From Satellites to Sunsets: A Journey of Discovery

Stacy Garfield’s career began in the high-tech aerospace world, where she spent twenty years working with satellites and rockets. This profession fulfilled her childhood dream, but her move to the Pacific Northwest rekindled her love for the outdoors and set her on a new path.

“When we moved to the Pacific Northwest, I fell in love with the outdoors again and experienced how much happier people are when they are in nature,” Stacy reflected.

A marriage proposal shoot in the Olympic National Park turned her career towards photography. She remembers the moment vividly, “I still remember every detail of the moment…how I felt, the tears of joy in my eyes and the beauty of the sunset.”

Photo Credit: Outshined Photography, LLC

A New Chapter: Elopement and Landscape Photography

Armed with a few DSLR cameras during her engineering career, Stacy embarked on a path of learning the art of photography through trial and error, complemented by countless hours of YouTube tutorials and reading. Her technical background gave her a unique edge in mastering the complexities of photography, from the basics to more nuanced techniques like astrophotography.

Her passion extends beyond capturing love stories as an elopement photographer to embracing the broader spectrum of landscape photography, family portraits, and adventure sessions.

She attended a specialized workshop in Arizona, where she honed her skills in capturing couples’ raw emotions and beauty against the majestic backdrop of nature. Stacy’s work is not just about taking photos; it’s about telling stories, connecting with nature, and sharing landscapes’ profound impact on human emotions and relationships.

Now, Stacy has embraced her role as the “storyteller of your love in nature,” combining her passions for photography and the great outdoors. Her approach to elopement photography is unique, focusing on capturing the essence of a couple’s love against the backdrop of nature’s magnificence.

“I am within driving distance of the most beautiful scenery in Washington State, Oregon, and Western Idaho,” she states, highlighting her ability to bring couples’ dream elopements to life in stunning settings.

Photo Credit: Outshined Photography, LLC

More Than a Photographer: An Advocate for Love and Adventure

Stacy’s philosophy extends beyond photography. She is an ally for the LGBTQ+ community, stands for true love in all its forms, and believes in the importance of adventure and cultural exploration. Her adventurous spirit is evident, having completed over 20 triathlons and valuing new experiences with her partner. Stacy emphasizes, “I love having new adventures with my partner. They bring us closer together and deepen our love for each other!”

Recognizing the complexity of planning an elopement, Stacy offers comprehensive support to couples, guiding them through every step. Her commitment to the environment is also paramount, as she educates her clients on Leave No Trace Principles and ensures their special day is memorable and respectful of nature’s sanctity.

A Local Connection: Involvement and Inspiration

Stacy’s connection to the Snoqualmie Valley is deep. Residing in North Bend with her husband and their dogs, Goose and Maverick, she finds constant inspiration in the surrounding landscape. Her involvement with the local community extends to volunteering with the Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation and promoting STEM education among students.

Garfield’s work is displayed in various North Bend locations, such as Pressed On Main, Mount Si Physical Therapy, and Mount Si Dental Center, and displays of her landscape work at local farmers markets and holiday markets. 

In Stacy, the Snoqualmie Valley has not just a photographer but a storyteller, a guide, and an advocate for love in all its forms. Her work reminds us of the beauty surrounding us and the stories waiting to be told against the backdrop of the natural world.

You can see more of her work on her website, Instagram/Instagram (there are two!), Facebook, and our gallery page.

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