Snoqualmie Valley Artist Spotlight: North Bend’s Scott Rinckenberger Photography & Gallery

In our picturesque city of North Bend, Washington, with Mt. Si standing tall in the background, celebrated mountain photographer and adventurer Scott Rinckenberger has introduced his latest endeavor: The Scott Rinckenberger Gallery.

Opening its doors on July 15th, this new space aims to serve as a cultural nexus in the mountain town, offering a rotating display of Rinckenberger’s inspiring works.

Granite Volume 1, the inaugural collection, presented a visual journey through the granite landscapes of Washington and California. From the grandeur of the iconic peaks to the intricate beauty of climbing routes, this collection pays homage to the stone that has withstood the tests of time and erosion. It resonates as a tribute and “a love letter to granite.”

Sharing his thoughts on this monumental step, Scott remarked, “Building a space that introduces the local community, tourists, and fine art collectors alike to the beauty of the mountains is the fulfillment of a dream.” 

He envisions the gallery as more than just a showcase of his artistry. It’s a hub where the community can converge, learn, and collaborate. “Beyond presenting my work to a broader audience, I truly hope that the gallery will act as a gathering space for local community-building where we can teach, learn and give back to one another.”

Rinckenberger’s photographic journey transcends this gallery. His unique approach to capturing wild places has garnered international attention and accolades. Notable collaborations with renowned brands, such as Apple, REI, and Patagonia, stand as testaments to his prowess in the field.

However, for Scott, photography is not just about capturing breathtaking vistas; it’s a medium to emphasize the importance of preserving these pristine landscapes. He’s an ardent supporter of environmental sustainability, pledging 1% of his annual gross revenue to environmental causes through the 1% For The Planet network. He has committed to donating from his business to environmental non-profits and consistently reviews his business practices to find ways to decrease the carbon footprint of his endeavors, choosing human power over fossil fuels in as many instances as possible. 

The gallery’s current exhibit, “Harvest Color,” paints the ephemeral beauty of the Pacific Northwest’s autumn. From the serene Snoqualmie Valley with its misty mornings to the golden hues of alpine meadows, the collection is a heartfelt reminder of the fleeting nature of beauty. It’s an invitation to soak in the present, to marvel at nature’s wonders, and to be grateful for the moments we’re granted.

Rinckenberger’s ties to Washington are deeply personal. Says Scott, “I grew up in the woods on a gravel road between Woodinville and Duvall, so I’ve got the mossy forests of the Snoqualmie Valley in my bones. After spending my college and early career in Seattle, as soon as my son Cedar was born, I knew it was time to return to my roots. My family and I were fortunate to find a wonderful home in the trees in Fall City about eight years ago, and I’ve been working from an office in downtown North Bend. Since coming back to the area, we’ve enjoyed a deep connection with the outdoor community and all the amazing access to nature here in the Snoqualmie Valley.”

Scott and his wife Lucia and children Cedar (8) and Mica (5) are right at home in the forests and mountains and enjoy foraging for berries and mushrooms, mountain biking, rock climbing and skiing the wildest runs on the mountain.

Tracing his trajectory in photography, Rinckenberger’s journey began during his days as a professional skier. The experiences, coupled with the guidance of famed photographer Chase Jarvis, molded him into the artist he is today. His athletic background and photographic expertise enable him to capture nature in its rawest forms, producing works that resonate with authenticity.

Says Rinckenberger, “The fusion of my athletic background and photography experience has allowed me to create work that feels deeply immersive and shows fluency and comfort in extreme environments. To this day, I approach my mountain endeavors with the commitment of a professional athlete and have continued to execute difficult objectives, such as being first to summit and ski the five volcanoes of Washington in five days.

Scott has enjoyed a wonderful office and studio space in the Sunset Garage building since 2016. It’s been a perfect setting for enjoying mountain views and putting in long hours editing, printing, framing, and shipping his artwork. While his commercial advertising photography and fine art print sales have been robust all the while, it’s always been his dream to create a gallery space where his work can be shared in a setting that is carefully crafted to encourage a deeper connection to the art, serves as a gathering place for the community, and inspires viewers to connect with nature in a meaningful and sustainable way.

For years, he kept a close eye on the commercial real estate market in downtown North Bend.

Says Scott, “When the Healing Garden space became available, I knew it was the perfect fit for my gallery, and I am grateful that the building owner, David Cook and his wife Lisa shared my vision and invited me in.”

The artwork will be rotated roughly quarterly to be in rhythm with the seasons. The work will be built around seasonal themes, specific locations, particular elements of nature, and other surprises they have on deck to keep things fresh.

The gallery, located at 106 W North Bend Way, welcomes visitors Thurs-Sat 12-6, Sun 12-5. Scott, along with his dedicated staff, Jane Mauser and Nicole Tastad, ensure a personal touch to every visitor’s experience.

With this gallery, North Bend gains more than just an art space. It receives a beacon of community spirit, environmental consciousness, and a testament to the timeless beauty of nature.

[Visit the gallery page to see examples of Scott’s work]

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