Snoqualmie Valley Artist Spotlight- Michelle “Mich” Sinclair: A Tapestry of Art and Resilience

Nestled within the scenic embrace of Snoqualmie Valley, a place known for its natural beauty and tight-knit community, resides an artist whose life and work are as vibrant and compelling as the surroundings.

Michelle “Mich” Sinclair, a multifaceted artist, has woven her love for various art mediums with a story of resilience, creativity, and an enduring connection to the landscape and community of the Valley. This spotlight delves into the journey of an artist whose every brushstroke and photograph is a testament to her passion for art and her commitment to overcoming life’s hurdles.

The Genesis of an Artistic Journey

From a young age, Mich Sinclair was destined to embrace art, declaring to her grandfather at the tender age of three, “I already am an Artist!” This bold statement has defined her life, guided by the creative influences of her mother and father—her mother, a painter and a beacon of creativity, and her father, a skilled fabricator and engineer.

Mich’s childhood in rural southern Arizona was colored with art materials and encouragement, leading her to excel in art classes through her schooling, earn accolades in local newspapers and fairs, and ultimately pursue a degree in Visual Communications (Graphic Design).

Diverse Mediums, One Artist

Mich’s artistic exploration spans chalk and oil pastels, acrylics, watercolors, and, more recently, an innovative acrylic pouring technique that reinvigorated her passion for painting. “This process has been so fun–and challenging–to learn over the last several years,” Mich shared, reflecting on her continuous learning and experimentation journey.

In 2018, she began perfecting this technique, captivated by its unique challenges and the dynamic results it yielded. Now, she is venturing into large-format liquid acrylic painting, pushing the boundaries of her creative expression.

A Life Shaped by Resilience and Creativity

Mich’s journey to Snoqualmie Valley is a love, resilience, and survival narrative. Alongside her high school sweetheart, Grant, Mich navigated severe health challenges, including a life-threatening illness that led them to assume the worst.

Yet, through proper diagnosis and treatment, Mich’s unwavering spirit saw her through, leading her and her family to relocate to King County, Washington, in 2015 and eventually to Snoqualmie, where they established deep roots. Here, Mich and Grant launched BlueJay Home & Garden, blending his botanical expertise with their entrepreneurial spirit, further embedding themselves in the Valley’s fabric.

Artistic Endeavors and Community Engagement

Though not Mich’s main source of income, her art represents a profound aspect of her life. “I am still finding my footing and building that confidence even to show people my work,” Mich admits, highlighting a journey that is as much about personal growth as it is about artistic development. Her work, previously displayed at the Mt. Si Artist’s Guild and the North Bend Bakery, will again grace the Guild in December ’24, showcasing her new work and marking another milestone in her artistic journey.

Mich’s story vividly illustrates how art intertwines with life’s trials and triumphs. Her work, a reflection of her experiences, resilience, and the beauty surrounding her in Snoqualmie Valley, inspires the local community and beyond.

As Mich continues to explore new horizons in her art, her journey stands as a testament to the power of creativity, perseverance, and the enduring support of a community that celebrates its artists with open hearts and minds.

You can see more of her work on her website and Instagram or contact her at and on our gallery page.

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