Snoqualmie Valley Artist Spotlight: Impressions of Light, the Journey of Alex Trapp

Once upon a rainy Seattle day, Alex Trapp, a self-taught Modern Impressionist Painter, finds solace in his North Bend studio. “I spend many of the wet months painting in my studio,” he recalls, “bringing to life memories using a contemporary approach to impressionism. I work to bring those feelings back to life in the studio in order to offer the viewer a visual poem.”

Alex’s journey into art began three decades ago when he was gifted a painting set by an elderly lady with amazing interior paintings that she had made all over the walls of her place. This encounter planted the seed that grew into a passion. But it was the discovery of Tom Thomson a decade ago that truly shaped his path. “I knew then what my own path was here in the central cascades and the entire Pacific Northwest,” Alex mused.

Alex ventures into the field in the dry season, embracing en plein air, a style honed by French Impressionists like Monet and Renoir. “I’m inspired by nature,” he explained, “It’s an endless love of learning.” This method, meaning ‘in the open air,’ allows Alex to capture nature’s fleeting moods. His intent in landscape painting is not just to replicate but to create a visual melody through design, color, and brushwork.

Picture Credit: Alex Trapp, Autumn Breeze12 x 24 oil painting

Alex’s works, primarily of the Snoqualmie Valley and Central Cascades, were frequently showcased at the SnoValley Gallery in historic downtown Snoqualmie. His home life is shared with his wife, Jennie, three Rat Terriers, and one boss cat, which offers a comforting backdrop to his creative endeavors.

Yet, plein air painting comes with its challenges, particularly weather. Alex focuses on refining his techniques on rainy or snow days, expanding his artistic language. It keeps him interested in his process, an essential aspect of his artistic journey.

One of Alex’s most memorable experiences was in Alaska, along the Kinik River. “I was ecstatic and frightened simultaneously,” he shared, recalling the swans and a curious mink approaching him, unaware of his presence. It was a testament to how seamlessly he blended into the landscapes he loves to paint.

As for the future, Alex looked forward to the summer at the SnoValley gallery, inviting admirers to follow his journey on Instagram and through his website, Alex Trapp Fine Art.

His story was one of continuous learning and love for the art of impressionism, a testament to the power of nature and memory in creating something truly magical.

[Visit the gallery page to see examples of Alex’s work]

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