Snoqualmie Valley 4th of July festivities, Fireworks rundown

As the 4th of July approaches, here’s a reminder of what fireworks are legal in different areas of the Snoqualmie Valley.

Reminder: this is the fourth year that aerial fireworks are banned in the city limits of Snoqualmie. Snoqualmie instead now hosts a Red, White and Boom professional fireworks show at Snoqualmie Community Park. Festivities start around 7PM – including music, bounce houses, vendors and food  trucks – with the fireworks show happening around dusk. It usually lasts around 20 minutes.

In Snoqualmie LEGAL fireworks in Snoqualmie include:

  • Ground fireworks
  • Hand-held sparkling devices
  • Smoke devices

Note: the same rules [below] apply in Snoqualmie regarding when fireworks can be purchased at local stands and discharged on July 4th. North Bend and unincorporated King County areas, though, do not ban aerial fireworks like Snoqualmie does.

In the City of North Bend and Unincorporated Areas of King County:

  • Only common fireworks are legal for sale to the public.
  • It is unlawful to sell fireworks to any persons under the age of 16 years. The seller shall require proof of age by means of display of a Washington State driver’s license or photo identification card issued by the Washington State Department of Licensing. No other forms of identification shall be accepted.
  • The sale of any fireworks prior to 12:00PM on June 28th or after 11:00PM on July 4th of each year is prohibited, except where otherwise provided in this chapter.
  • The possession, use or discharge of any fireworks are prohibited at all times, except between 9:00AM and midnight on July 4th each year.

Some fireworks sold at state-approved stands, as well as those on tribal reservations, can become illegal when possessed or discharged in Snoqualmie city limits.

Important FYI: Many fireworks purchased on tribal reservations are also illegal (per state law) in North Bend and unincorporated King County areas – and come with a possible penalty of a $5000 fine and year in jail.

Illegal Fireworks Possessed or Discharged in Snoqualmie:

  • Aerial devices including bottle rockets and missiles, among many others (anything that goes up in the air)
    Fine: $250 for each violation of possession
    Fine: $750 for each violation of discharge
  • Firecrackers
    Fine: $250 for each violation of possession
    Fine: $750 for each violation of discharge

Snoqualmie Ridge ROA BIG 4th of July Celebration, Kid Parade Continues

The ROA tradition continues! Decorate your bikes and trikes or just show your patriotic spirit by participating in the annual 4th of July Parade. The parade begins at 10:30am at Cascade View Elementary. Following the parade, The ROA hosts its annual celebration in the park with tons of bouncy houses, face painting, food, etc. from 11AM – 2PM.

If you’re looking to purchase fireworks that support a local organization, the Kiwanis Club has a stand on North Bend Way near QFC. Each year the Snoqualmie Valley Kiwanis club sells fireworks that raise money to support programs for youth and families in the Snoqualmie Valley.

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