Snoqualmie Tribe, YMCA Partner for Native American Heritage Month with interactive exhibit

As part of November’s Native American Heritage Month, the Snoqualmie Tribe and the Snoqualmie Valley YMCA have worked together to share information about the Tribe’s heritage and language hosted at the Snoqualmie Valley YMCA.

Native American Heritage Month was established in 1990 to highlight Native culture, traditions, crafts, and concepts of life.

Through this partnership with the YMCA, the Snoqualmie Tribe has installed a temporary exhibit that provides an interactive learning opportunity to hear the Lushootseed language and view replicas of paintings that depict portions of the Tribe’s Creation Story. The exhibit also includes historic photos of the Snoqualmie Valley.

The exhibit will be available for the public to view through the end of November 2017.

In addition, there are two presentations being offered at the YMCA:

  • November 28th at 7 PM: Snoqualmie Tribal Member McKenna Sweet Dorman will share an overview of the Tribe’s history in the valley and connection to the region’s natural resources.
  • November 30th at 7 PM: Snoqualmie Tribal Member Steven Mullen-Moses will share an archeological history of the valley.

“This collaboration with the Snoqualmie Valley YMCA is an opportunity for us to share information about our culture and long connection to this beautiful region,” said Snoqualmie Tribal Council Vice Chairwoman Jolene Williams. “We hope this gives our neighbors in the valley insight into our commitment to stewardship of our shared natural environment.”

Y Executive Director Nate Smith said they’re excited about the partnership and hosting the exhibit, adding, “This collaboration to help provide educational opportunities that celebrate the Tribe’s culture, heritage and history is something we are honored to be a part of.”


Part of the Snoqualmie Tribe display at the Snoqualmie Valley YMCA




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