Snoqualmie Ridge IGA Experiences Teen Alcohol Theft, Adds Employees, Cameras

The Snoqualmie Ridge IGA Supermarket says it’s added employees and cameras to areas of the store containing alcohol, and warn that any suspicious Ridge IGAactivity will be caught on camera, with police being called in every case.

The store is a known hangout location for area kids, most whom simply wander through and buy candy, food and drinks during after school hours.

On the evenings of June 4th and June 5th, though, employees says teenagers stole beer – hiding the containers in the waistband of their pants with large shirts and/or jackets to disguise the stolen beer.

Employees say both times they followed the older male teens out of the store attempting to get the beer back. During the first incident, the suspected shoplifter verbally threatened a female employee if she didn’t leave him alone, and took off on foot. In the second incident, employees say two suspects, one recognized from the prior evening, fled the store on foot.  According to a police log report, officers were unable to locate the suspect(s) either time.

About three months ago, management moved liquor from the back of the store to the front, but wine and beer are still located in back corners of the small supermarket. The store also requires kids to leave backpacks at the front of the store when entering.

In a separate incident on Monday, June 2nd, a store checker said his car broken into supermarket parking lot, but the burglar left his/her cell phone behind in the vehicle so he is fairly certain they will be apprehended.

According to a social media post, Ridge IGA said it wants local kids to have a safe, fun kickoff to summer, including big events like prom and graduation, but wants them to celebrate responsibly.





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