Snoqualmie Resident Ethan Benson Declares Candidacy for Snoqualmie City Council, Position 1

My name is Ethan Benson, and I am running for Snoqualmie City Council, Position 1.

For the past 10 years, my family has called Snoqualmie home. We live on the Ridge, and my wife, Tricia, works in downtown Snoqualmie as a co-owner of Rooster Valley Farm School. Like my wife, I come from an education background, having spent over two decades as an elementary school teacher. For the past several years, I’ve worked for Church on the Ridge in a community outreach capacity organizing adult sports leagues through Serve Snoqualmie Sports.

A sense of community is important, and I work daily to foster a feeling of connectedness between the citizens of our city through sports. I am concerned about the polarization of our society. It seems unnecessary. Over the past year, we’ve taken it in the teeth as a country. Individuals, businesses, parents, and students. Each of us has an opinion about what happened.

Ethan Benson and family

I fundamentally believe that the truth in any difficult situation is probably too big for one person to grasp on his own. It takes a group effort and a dedication on the part of individuals to listen to different and even opposing perspectives.

I also believe in representative democracy. A representative wields power, but he does not own it. It belongs to the people.

If I am chosen to serve on the Snoqualmie City Council, I pledge to do just that. I will serve the citizens of this city always with an eye to increasing our sense of community, supporting and championing our local small businesses and listening with an open mind and heart to the many different perspectives we all fervently hold. If this strikes you as what you want in a representative, I would appreciate your vote.

[Guest Post by Candidate Ethan Benson – Snoqualmie, WA. Opinions are those of the candidate, not the Living Snoqualmie website. You may submit letters of support for your candidate to]

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