Snoqualmie Police Department Wants to Hear from North Bend Residents, Business Owners

Hey North Bend, how do you think the Snoqualmie Police Department is doing patrolling your streets and answering your calls?  They’ve designed a police survey so residents can let them know.

It’s been nearly a year since the Snoqualmie Police Department began providing police service to North Bend. According to Police Chief, Steve McCulley, it’s “been a very challenging and positive year.”

McCulley stated that his officers have “embraced the challenge and continue to be very excited and motivated to serve the North Bend residents and businesses.”

2015 Police Survey

As the Snoqualmie Police Department reaches the one-year anniversary of serving North spdBend, they are encouraging North Bend residents and business owners to take a confidential online survey.

The survey is designed to provide a better understanding of the perceptions of the North Bend community on the topics of public safety, crime and police operations since the Snoqualmie Police Department began providing full police services in March 2014.

According to a City of North Bend press release, during the past year, officers assigned to North Bend have worked extremely hard to address safety and security challenges in the community and meet the expectations of residents who live and conduct business there. 

The release explained the feedback is “very important to the police department to ensure they are addressing the challenges, priorities, and expectations of our citizens.”

Survey results will allow the Snoqualmie Police Department and North Bend administrative staff to continue to review and determine what can be done to best serve citizens’ safety and security needs.The deadline to complete the survey is February 2, 2015.

North Bend residents and business owners can take the online survey HERE.

Residents can also request a paper copy be mailed by emailing  the City of Snoqualmie or the City of North Bend or calling the City Clerk at 425-888-7627.

Any questions or concerns regarding North Bend Police Operations can be directed to Chief of Police, Steven D. McCulley, directly at 425-888-3333.

Snoqualmie Police Officers serving the City of North Bend
Snoqualmie Police Officers serving the City of North Bend

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