Kiro Morning News Talk Radio Anchor Creates "Snoqualmie Maybe"

I have been quite vocal about loving where I live so when something new “Snoqualmie” comes my way, I like to share.

Yesterday, it came to my attention (Thanks reader Karen) that Kiro News Radio’s, Bill Radke, was having some fun with the song Call “Me Maybe.”  His fun with lyrics has led to Snoqualmie Maybe.  The song was also played on the Ron and Don Show so Bill added the sound from them.

Yesterday it was beautiful pictures of the Northern Lights over North Bend and Mt. Si.  Today, its local talk radio’s ode to Snoqualmie.

Click this link, hit play and enjoy! Instead of “So Call Me Maybe” it’s now “Sno-Qual-mie Maybe.”  Kiro Radio Snoqualmie Maybe.

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