Snoqualmie hits Top 4 Rainiest January; snow levels then drop

[Article by Ryan Porter of Snoqualmie Weather]

UPDATE | February, 2, 2020

With a late soaking from about 10PM – midnight on January 31st, Snoqualmie broke into the Top 5 wettest ever Januarys. With 18.4 inches recorded, it is the #4 wettest January.


We’re going to get close to the Top 5 rainiest months in Snoqualmie history, but we will need a late day soaker of a push to get there I think.

Out near the Washington Coast, Forks is approaching it’s all time monthly record of 29.14.

Rain re-intensifies Saturday, Feb. 1st, with periods of gusty southwesterly winds likely.  The Snoqualmie river looks to crest this weekend as the snow levels have been well above pass levels.  Near the Falls, levels appear to reach ‘minor’ flood stage while near Carnation reach ‘moderate.’

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Things get more interesting late Saturday into Sunday as much colder air follows the next frontal system with snow levels dropping dramatically, to 500-1,000ft. 

Moisture is running low at this point, but as usual, pinning down the exact placement of heavier showers or a convergence zone more than a few hours ahead of time will be a challenge. 

We will start with above freezing temps and wet ground cover – so any heavier snowfall may take a bit longer to stick to roads.

Wet road temperatures will begin the transition well above freezing- so any heavier snowfall may take a bit longer to stick than what we were faced with in mid-January.

It doesn’t appear any major frontal system will roll through Sunday or Monday, but colder air does appear to stick with us through Tuesday – so we will have to keep an eye on the radar for lingering showers.

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