Snoqualmie Monday Morning Giggles: Mount Si High School Senior Prank

**  11:45AMFront doors to MSHS are all clear now.  Many students “enjoyed” the snow removal task assigned by Principal Belcher. **

Monday mornings are hard.  I am always tired as we start a new school week.  Pulling into the MSHS parking lot early this morning got me laughing, though.  It looks like the class of 2012 made some practical joke use out of the remnants of last week’s snow storm.

MSHS seniors have a tradition of pulling one big senior prank.  A lot of high schools do it.   Underclassmen wait for it.  If you’ve been to the high school since last week you’ve seen it – the nearly 50 ft. long and probably 10 ft. tall (at its peak) snow pile that encompasses all the visitor’s parking spaces.  Well, as of this morning, part of that pile has moved.  It didn’t move far, though.  Just across the bus lane to block the school’s front doors.  And just so everyone knows who was responsible, “2012” was spray painted across it.

Yes, MSHS seniors, it was a good one.  It’s Monday.  I was dragging.  It was dark.  Pulling into school this morning I smiled.  My daughter and I laughed hard.  As of 8AM the blockage was still there; no part of it moved.  Obviously Principal Belcher has a sense of humor and is giving his seniors and his school time to enjoy this year’s Senior Prank.

Thanks for the Monday morning giggles Class of 2012!

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