Snoqualmie Mom Question Of The Week – Did I Really Give Birth To That Child?

Okay Snoqualmie Valley parents, ever have one of those days (or weeks/months) when you look at the teenager you gave birth to and wonder if they truly are yours?  Could it be an alien being donated DNA?  Or maybe it’s just that teenagers are the true aliens?  Aliens who save all their newly acquired personality traits just  for their host family.  Anyone else have an alien living in their  house?

I have read many books attempting to explain the teenage mind.   I am seriously convinced my family could be the next case study for some new psychology.  It should be a new movement directed at parents called, “Teenage Years:  Surviving 6 Years of Alien Invasion.”  I mean we get it.  It’s hard.  It’s stressful in a way no one can ever explain.  Only a teenager can make you long for the days of potty training and getting them to sleep through the night.  Maybe a greater power designed it this way.  Some sneaky reverse psychology to make you truly appreciate all the little things with love and affection.

I know I will survive the trials and tribulations of parenting a head-strong, willful teenager.  Some say I will be stronger for it.  Whether or not I enjoy it?  Well, if you want blog-honestly, then the answer is no.  I am tired.  Tired of looking for new punishments.  Tired of reiterating right and wrong to a person who should obviously understand it at this point.  Tired, tired, tired.  There is no other way to describe it.

So to anybody else out there tired and struggling, here’s a recommendation.  Look at an old photo and remember all the things you couldn’t wait to get through.  Remember and smile.  If you are still in that phase with your young kids, I say enjoy it.  Treasure the simple days of little kids, preschool, kids crawling into your bed.  Keep the memories fresh in case an alien invades your child’s body as they hit middle school.

Child psychologists reassure me one day the alien will find a new “host child.”   Leaving me with the person all my discipline, rules, hard work strove to develop.  To all those people telling me this I say only one thing, bring it on!

Enjoy this last week of the school year readers.  “Parental freedom” is about to hit a 2 1/2 month hiatus.  And thank you to all the valley teachers who have the patience I can only imagine possessing.  Happy Summer!!

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