Snoqualmie Mill Site Annexaton Makes Lake Borst Area Off-Limits for Hunting

On September 28th the annexation of The Mill Planning Area into the Snoqualmie city limits became effective.  The City of Snoqualmie grew by 593 acres when one of the largest remaining undeveloped sites in King County was annexed.  The site is just east of downtown Snoqualmie, where the old Weyerhaeuser Mill was once located.

City municipal code now applies to the newly annexed area, including firearm discharge laws/regulations.  As a result, local hunting boundaries have changed.

The familiar hunting area of Lake Borst, located on SE Mill Pond Road between SE Reinig Road and Tokul Road SE, is now off-limits for hunting.  This area is part of the 350 acres of the annexation zoned as open space.

Signs noting the changes should be coming soon. The city will be working with the Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife to post this area as a “No Hunting Zone.” Snoqualmie Municipal Code Chapter 6.08 prohibits the discharge of any firearm within city limits.

Zoning map of newly annexed Mill Planning Area

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