Snoqualmie Firefighters prepare to climb Columbia Tower; association donates thermal imaging camera

Climbing to support Leukemia Research

If you happened to see a firefighter on a stairclimber in the Safeway parking lot over the weekend…. there was a reason for it.

This Saturday, March 11th, a team of nine Snoqualmie firefighters will compete in the 27th Annual SCOTT Firefighter Stairclimb – a climb to the top of the 69-floor Columbia Center in downtown Seattle with 1,356 steps and a vertical elevation of 788 feet.  That’s a climb.

Now imagine the undertaking in full firefighter gear!

This is the largest firefighter competition in the world, each team competing based on dollars raised to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and clocked speed to the top of the tower.  Snoqualmie firefighters will race to the top in full firefighting gear and self -contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), testing their strength and endurance.

Since 2009, Snoqualmie teams have raised nearly $16,000 for this event through local donations from individuals and businesses.

This year’s Snoqualmie team includes Chief Mark Correira, Kelly Gall, Lorrie Jones, Robert Lasswell, Paul Marrero, Matt Mundy, Kristina Myers, Peter O’Donnell and Ben Parker.

Pancake Breakfast Donations Help Aid Rescues

The Snoqualmie Firefighters Association donated $2,500 from its annual Pancake Breakfast proceeds for the City to purchase a Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC). This camera, used to see through smoke and find trapped victims, identify fire in walls, or look for victims ejected from car wrecks, replaces a 10-year-old camera. Crews have been training on the newer technology since its purchase in December.

“Our new TIC, which is smaller and lighter, is a great addition to the tools we use to keep our residents safe,” said Peter O’Donnell, Snoqualmie Firefighters Association President. “We’d like to share a huge thank you to everyone who came to the pancake breakfast and supported us, ultimately allowing the purchase of this much-needed equipment.”

The Firefighters Pancake Breakfast, held during Snoqualmie Railroad Days in August, had its most successful event ever in 2017 with approximately 900 attendees. The annual breakfast and silent auction raises funds for the Snoqualmie Firefighters Association to use on community needs such as firefighting equipment and scholarships.

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