Snoqualmie Firefighters Give Coats to Local School Kids with Operation Warm

As 2024 kicks off, the upper Snoqualmie Valley is feeling a bit warmer, thanks to the efforts of local firefighters and the backing of the Snoqualmie Firefighter Association.

Firefighter Darby Summers took the lead on the Operation Warm project to get coats to kids in Snoqualmie schools who need them. The project teamed up with the area’s three elementary schools, and school counselors helped figure out which students could use a warm coat the most. On February 1, 2024, the firefighters handed out coats to more than 30 kids at Cascade View Elementary School.

“It has been an honor to serve the upper valley and partner with Darby and the Snoqualmie Fire Department,” shared Liz Tusing, a Medical Services Officer from the Redmond Fire Department. She praised the leadership of Chief Bailey and the firefighters for making it easier for people in the community to get help. “The genuine care for the community is evident in all members of Snoqualmie Fire.”

The Snoqualmie Fire Department collaborates with the Mobile Integrated Health Program in Northeast King County, which includes Snoqualmie, Fall City, Duvall, Fire District 34, and Redmond.

This group comprises firefighters, paramedics, social workers, and mental health experts. Their main mission is to link people with health and social services to keep them stable and cut down on the number of 911 calls for situations that aren’t emergencies.

Through Operation Warm and its partnership with local schools, the Snoqualmie Fire Department has shown a deep commitment to the well-being of its community’s youngest members. By providing more than just emergency services, these firefighters offer warmth and support where it’s most needed, ensuring that the children of Snoqualmie head into the colder months equipped with the coats they need to stay warm.

This initiative strengthens the community’s bonds and highlights the importance of looking out for one another, setting a heartwarming example of compassion and care in action.

[Information provided by the City of Snoqualmie]

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