Campaign to Stop Life-threatening Child Falls, Snoqualmie Fire Station Offers Free Window Stops

Over the past few spring and summers, the Snoqualmie Fire Department has responded to some scary calls regarding small 2ndstorywindowchildren falling out second story windows. Luckily, those children survived.

According to the City of Snoqualmie, many children who experience these falls can suffer life-threatening injuries, leading to long-term recoveries or sometimes devastating consequences.

Last year, in an effort to drop the number of window falls down to zero, the Snoqualmie Fire Department launched a campaign to offer parents a free window stop set – and will continue offering the sets for the upcoming warm spring and summer months.

The FREE window stop sets are available at the  Snoqualmie Fire Station, 37600 SE Snoqualmie Pkwy, during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 7AM to 4PM

In addition to the window stops, SFD encourages local families to practice the following safety tips:

  • Keep furniture and anything a child can climb on away from windows.
  • Only allow windows to open four inches or less. Install window stops or guards to keep children from opening them any further.
  • Teach your children to play a safe distance from any window. Remind them that “Screens keep bugs out. They do not keep kids in.”
  • Remember windows also serve as an emergency escape. Be sure windows can open without special knowledge or tools.
  • When buying new windows, ask for ones with built-in 4-inch limiters.

For more information, please call the Fire Station at 425-888-1551, or contact Lieutenant Jake Fouts at The campaign is in partnership with Safe Kids Washington and the Central Region EMS & Trauma Care Council.


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