Snoqualmie Emergency Communications, Support Team Now Assisting Oso Mudslide Rescue Operations

As the rescue and recovery mission continues in the aftermath of a massive mudslide that devastated the small Oso community (near Darrington) last weekend, emergency communications volunteers from the Snoqualmie Valley are now in the area helping.

Thursday, March 27, 2014, the City of Snoqualmie said its SECAST Team (Snoqualmie Emergency Communications and Support Team) is assisting in the large rescue and recovery operation.

Volunteer team members are currently providing on-site communications support, using the Snoqualmie Department of Emergency Management communications van. SECAST is part of the large, multi-jurisdictional rescue and recovery operation in Snohomish County.

Search and rescue crews have been working tirelessly since Saturday, March 22nd, looking for survivors and victims. So far, 25 bodies have been located during the mission, with another 90 people confirmed missing after a large hillside gave way, creating a square mile mudslide that swept away numerous homes.

Mayor Matt Larson said Snoqualmie will provide support, responding to the disaster in any way possible.

He added, “Our hearts go out to the victims and their families of this tragedy; those residents in Oso who have lost their homes, and the first responders who tirelessly continue rescue efforts.”

Snoqualmie SECAST vehicle.
Snoqualmie SECAST vehicle.


[SECAST is a volunteer unit of the Snoqualmie Department of Emergency Management. It is part of a non-profit group originated to provide volunteer emergency workers to the City of Snoqualmie and the surrounding region. The team has a wide range of skilled volunteers; Incident Communications is the primary focus. For more information about SECAST services and opportunities to volunteer on SECAST, please visit or call 425-888-3333.]

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