Snoqualmie Elementary Schools's Shannon Roubicek Named March Teacher Of The Month

Snoqualmie Valley Macaroni Kid has named Shannon Roubicek, 4th grade teacher at Snoqualmie Elementary School, as its Teacher of the Month for March 2012. 

A parent of one of Ms. Roubicek’s students sent in the nomination.  Here’s a little bit of why she was chosen: 

“We have wonderful experiences every year at Snoqualmie Elementary and it is great to find a program which highlights the dedicated teachers in our kids lives.  Mrs. Roubicek is one of the kindest, even-handed, encouraging teachers I have ever met – and is incredibly organized to boot!  I feel like I have an opportunity to participate in my child’s academic success on a daily basis. She recently became a Nationally Board Certified Teacher – which is a rigorous process. Also, Mrs. Roubicek has been dedicated to helping my daughter overcome her challenges in math.  She spends extra time with her daily during her recess time to challenge and reaffirm what she has learned.  All in all – she is one AMAZING teacher!”

Congratulations to Ms. Roubicek.  She was awarded a massage gift certificate to Therapeutic Health in North Bend, a $100 gift certificate to the Woodman Lodge, as well as a plaque honoring her Teacher of the Month achievement.

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