Snoqualmie City Survey 2023: Residents Invited to Share Feedback

The City of Snoqualmie is launching a comprehensive City Survey this fall and is inviting its residents to actively participate.

Aimed at understanding the views and needs of the community, this initiative promises to shed light on various key issues, including housing, transportation, outdoor recreation, education, and civic engagement.

Initially, randomly selected residents will receive postcard invitations by mail. However, by early October, the City will open the survey to all its residents, making it accessible online via the official city website at

The primary goal of this survey is to collect invaluable feedback that will guide the City in assessing the quality and relevance of the services it currently provides. More so, the responses will play a crucial role in resource allocation, ensuring that the needs and desires of the community are aptly met.

To maintain the integrity of the survey and ensure unbiased feedback, the City collaborated with Polco, a reputable independent consultant. Another advantage of this partnership is the National Community Survey feature, which allows the City to benchmark and compare the views of Snoqualmie residents with those of other communities nationwide.

The City is set to receive a detailed report of the survey outcomes in November 2023. For transparency and community involvement, the findings will be made available to the public in meetings and will also be uploaded online for easy access.

Residents or interested parties seeking more details about the survey can reach out to the City at

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