Snoqualmie City Council Member Sean Sundwall Resigns

Snoqualmie City Council Member Sean Sundwall today announced his intention to resign from the City Council effective August 30, 2021.  

In an email to Mayor Matt Larson he wrote, “It has been a pleasure to serve the residents of Snoqualmie for the last four years and I have enjoyed my interaction with you, your administration, and the City Council Members I have associated with.” 

In response, Mayor Larson wrote, “It has been a great pleasure working with you during the past four years. Thank you for your dedication and selfless service on behalf of the residents of Snoqualmie. I wish you and your family well in your future endeavors.” 

Sundwall was appointed to office in 2017 as City Council Member Position 6 following Charles Peterson’s passing to serve through Peterson’s term. He was subsequently elected by Snoqualmie voters to Position 6 in the November 2019 general election.  

In a comment to Living Snoqualmie, Councilmember Sundwall said,

“I have lived in Snoqualmie for 16 years and raised each of my four children here. There is no better place to raise a family. When you love a place like I love Snoqualmie, you want to contribute. I joined Council in 2017 because I believed, and still believe, that the greatest impact the common person can have is at the local level. I hope my time on Council has in some small way made a positive difference for the village that helped me raise my kids. It is now time for me to step aside and allow another of the many qualified residents of this great town to keep Snoqualmie great.”

Applications for a City Council Member will be available soon. To be notified of the application posting, please email Nicole Wiebe, Interim City Clerk, at   

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