Snoqualmie City Council Confirms Mike Chambless as Interim City Administrator

During its regular meeting on May 8, 2023, the Snoqualmie City Council approved Mayor Ross’s appointment of Mike Chambless as Interim City Administrator.

Chambless will take over from Mike Sauerwein, who has left the city. Chambless, currently the Parks and Public Works Director, will continue to serve in that position while a decision is made regarding the permanent City Administrator position.

Snoqualmie Mayor Ross thanked former administrator Sauerwein, saying, “We appreciate Mike Sauerwein’s time, service and accomplishments while working for the city. He was instrumental during a time of transition following the pandemic.”

Chambless, who joined the City of Snoqualmie in February 2022, has more than two decades of management experience, 11 of which were at the executive level. Before joining the city, he was the Resource Management Agency Director for San Benito County, California, and the Management Services Director/Assistant City Manager for the City of Hollister, California.

Mayor Ross expressed confidence in Chambless’s ability to excel in his new role. “Mike Chambless is a results-oriented leader, as well as a supportive manager, which makes him a great fit to serve in this interim role. He has accomplished a lot in our Parks and Public Works Dept. in a short time, and I am confident he will do the same in this new role.”

Chambless holds a Natural Sciences bachelor’s degree from San Jose State University with a minor in industrial safety.

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