Snoqualmie Citizens Academy Goes Virtual: Learn how your city government works in an educational video series.

This year’s Snoqualmie Citizens Academy goes virtual with 14 videos featuring the Mayor, department heads, and city staff sharing information about how the city works and the services it provides to residents, businesses, and visitors to the community.

Snoqualmie City Hall. Taken by Steven Pavlov.

You can watch this family-friendly course and learn from the comfort of your home. Visit the Virtual Citizens Academy web page, where you can access videos and additional information.

No enrollment is required. After you watch all the videos, contact to receive your Citizens Academy certificate to become an official City Ambassador.

Video Course Curriculum

Welcome – Mayor Matt Larson and City Administrator Rick Rudometkin introduce the 2020 Virtual Citizens Academy.

Mayor Matt Larson – Mayor Larson shares a political perspective on city government based on his experience as a fourth-term Mayor.

Executive Branch – City Administrator Rick Rudometkin describes his role in overseeing city operations. Also learn about the roles of the City Clerk and the City Liaison to the City Administrator.

Administrative Services – Learn how this department manages human services, public communications, and support of human services agencies.

Community Development – Examine long-range planning, land use management, the Growth Management Act, and the Snoqualmie’s Comprehensive Plan, among other topics.

Building – Learn about building code enforcement in Snoqualmie and the maintenance of fire and life safety codes.

Finance Department –Delve into city revenue sources, property tax allocation, how city services are supported, and how voter initiatives can impact the city’s budget.

Fire Department –Meet firefighters and gain insights into protecting life and property and managing disasters, such as floods and snowstorms. This video includes a tour of the Snoqualmie Fire Station.

Police Department –Meet police officers and hear about the many ways the Police Department serves and protects the community. This video includes a tour of the Snoqualmie Police Station.

IT Department – Gain insights into the technology the IT staff use to meet the needs of all city departments.

Legal Department –City Attorney Bob Sterbank presents Municipal Law 101. Learn about the authority of cities, separation of powers, and legislation.

Parks Division — Learn about the expansive parks and trails system in Snoqualmie and the people who maintain it for all to enjoy.

Public Works Division –Explore city infrastructure, streets, water, and wastewater. Learn from personnel about the wide variety of services this division provides. This video includes a tour of the city Public Works facilities.

Snoqualmie 101 – City Historian Dave Battey shares Snoqualmie’s history and a look to the future. This session covers Snoqualmie from the Ice Age to the 1950s.

For more information about the Virtual Citizens Academy, contact City Clerk Jodi Warren at

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