Snoqualmie Casino Takes Guests “Around the World” on New Years’ Eve

The Snoqualmie Casino team is known for providing guests with a truly immersive entertainment experience. From cabarets and comedy acts to concerts and variety shows, every detail is carefully considered and executed at the highest level to ensure an exceptional guest experience.

New Year’s Eve at Snoqualmie Casino did not disappoint. Hundreds of guests rang in the New Year in the Snoqualmie Casino Ballroom, which transformed into a whirlwind tour of different countries. Guests experienced global worldly travel without leaving the Pacific Northwest, with locations like Asia, Europe, North America, and South America, plus an intimate champagne garden.

Unlike the modern airport, guests at Snoqualmie Casino didn’t have to provide a boarding pass or passport to travel to these destinations. They did, however, receive a truly mesmerizing experience from the moment of entry. 

Entertainment Manager and Snoqualmie Tribe member Troy Wyatt says, “No one is more passionate about immersive experiences than we are. If you want us to provide a world-class entertainment experience for NYE, we are going to do it without limitations.” He continued, “Nobody counts the number of tickets you sell to an event; they only remember the story they’ve told after experiencing the event. We have an insatiable craving to be the architect of exciting and immersive entertainment stories.”

Snoqualmie Casino’s entertainment team put in hundreds of hours, who hand-made captivating backdrops and props for the party, creating perfect selfie-worthy locations. Carts filled with luggage, flight boards and a world map photo booth were also used to give this New Year’s Eve party the travel vibe. “Extraordinary teamwork at most is the greatest way to create breakthroughs that launch a professional event planner’s career. I firmly believe that nothing truly outstanding can be accomplished alone,” said Wyatt.

Throughout the evening, guests were entertained by a local DJ who livened up the dance floor with classic 80’s music to more contemporary genres and videography playing different destination locations on the big screens surrounding the ballroom. Bartenders offered specialty drinks from the different locations, and when the clock struck midnight, confetti canons blew, creating a consistent joyful environment across the board.

Snoqualmie Casino’s “Around the World” New Year’s Celebration is just one of many unique entertainment offerings provided by Seattle’s closest casino. Tyler Henry, Toto, Dylan Scott, and Tesla have all been recently announced as a part of Snoqualmie Casino’s strategy of providing guests with an expanded entertainment offering to complement its music lineup.

In early 2025, Snoqualmie Casino will open its 210-room luxury hotel and 22,000-square-foot convention center and entertainment space, allowing the Snoqualmie Casino team an even greater opportunity to expand their creativity with larger productions sure to solidify their top-tier position in the market. 

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