Snoqualmie Cancels Public Hearing About Property Tax Exemption For Proposed Low-Income Housing Project

At the June 11th Snoqualmie City Council Meeting Imagine Housing, a developer of affordable housing in east King County, presented initial conceptual plans for a 160-unit low-income multifamily housing project proposed for land adjacent the Eagle Point neighborhood of Snoqualmie Ridge, land parcel S-20.

Imagine Housing initially anticipated breaking ground in 2012, but since the  June 11th council meeting and after consulting with Snoqualmie’s Planning, Public Works and Building Departments, it was concluded that critical water and sewer infrastructure would not be completed in time to meet Imagine Housing’s 2012 construction timeline.

Hence, city council’s consideration of the housing development will be delayed until utility infrastructure work is completed on the proposed land parcel, along with additional project planning and design work.  Because of the delay, the previously scheduled July 9th public hearing about the proposed city ordinance and housing project has been cancelled.

Imagine Housing is only in the initial planning stage of the proposed low-income apartment complex.  The project has not been approved by the Snoqualmie City Council, but may be considered in the future.

A key component in Imagine Housing’s financing for the project is the City of Snoqualmie exempting the land parcel from real property taxes for a period of 12 years.  The  Snoqualmie City Council would first need to approve a city ordinance providing that tax exemption.  For now, consideration of that key city ordinance has been delayed and the public hearing on it cancelled.

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