Snoqualmie awards $435,000 in COVID-19 recovery grants to local businesses, community organizations

The City of Snoqualmie announced it has officially allocated $435,000 to local businesses and community organizations to support recovery from the statewide coronavirus pandemic shutdown.

The city launched a COVID-19 Rapid Relief Program last month, saying it would use CARES Act federal money to fund the program.

Of the $435,000, $410,000 will be reimbursed to the city from the state using CARES Act dollars, with the remaining funds coming from King County and King County Councilmember Lambert.

Snoqualmie received 80 applications for the relief grants. According to a news release, 76 businesses and community organization met specific criteria and will receive checks beginning the week of July 13th.

See full list of recipients HERE.

Government agencies that are awarded CARES Act funding have the option to use it for COVID-19 related recovery expenses, but were not required to provide it to local businesses. 

Per the news release, “The City of Snoqualmie chose to allocate one hundred percent of its CARES Act funding to its relief program that supports the local economy rather than governmental expenses.”

“This relief funding is critical to helping many of our small businesses and local agencies survive,” said Mayor Larson. “We are fortunate to be in a position to prioritize local economic recovery over sustaining our government operations as many other cities must do. In the long run, our businesses’ recovery supports the services that support our residents.”

In addition to local businesses, grants will also help community organizations/nonprofits that assist Snoqualmie Valley residents in need with food assistance, along with children and senior programming.

Mayor Larson added, “We are grateful for the additional funding from King County and Councilmember Lambert. This is a difficult time for all, but we’re pleased to be able to help our business community and those in need.”

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