Snoqualmie area AT&T Service Disrupted by Saturday Storm, Could be Monday for Fix

AT&TAre you an AT&T customer in Snoqualmie and wondering why you are experiencing disruption in  your cell service?  Blame it on the wind.

Late last night, November 2, 2013, a Living Snoqualmie reader reported that AT&T was experiencing a mobile outage for some customers in the Snoqualmie Valley area – not all, some.

Affected areas appeared to be on Snoqualmie Ridge.  By Sunday, many residents were still experiencing the disruption, with even the WiFi inside the Snoqualmie Ridge Starbucks not functioning.

A spokesperson for AT&T reported via Twitter at 9:40AM, November 3rd, that their team was working to resolve the issue ASAP, but didn’t have any new information to report at the time.

As of 4:30PM, one Snoqualmie Ridge resident (and AT&T customer)  said the company is now saying that cell towers in Lake Alice and Snoqualmie Ridge were “severely degraded” and restoration of mobile service in the area is now scheduled for Monday, November 4, 2013.

Hopefully tomorrow brings better news for some Snoqualmie area AT&T customers.



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