SnoPo help sort out complicated incident on Reinig Road, three police agencies and firefighters respond

Last week, after multiple questions to two different law enforcement agencies, it became clear something complex had occurred on Reinig Road, drawing officers from three different police agencies and firefighters, too.

The Snoqualmie Police Department – in its usual Facebook-page-storytelling- way – helped break down what occurred on Friday April 26, 2019 that drew lots of police vehicles to the area.

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According to SPD, it started with a strange call about a man in all black swinging a bike and barking at vehicles near 396th and Reinig Road. While searching the area, officers were called to a known home where a domestic violence incident had just occurred. The suspect fled on foot, trying to outrun an officer in the woods, but the officer was faster. He was detained.

At this time King County Sheriff’s Officers AND Snoqualmie Tribal Police, who heard the call, showed up and began the investigation. According to SPD, “With a lot of people now in handcuffs and only being semi-cooperative, we started putting the puzzle back together.”

It turns out the man who ran was also the man reported to be swinging the bike and barking at cars. He had assaulted a family member with a knife before challenging the officer to a foot race.

While conducting the investigation KCSO Deputies learned there was another male inside one of the homes on the property with multiple felony warrants. So… the home was surrounded while the subject of the warrants was called out of the home and taken into custody without incident.

Back to the first suspect. He was placed inside a KCSO vehicle where he reportedly began to act violently, hitting his head on the car’s partition and side window. When order to stop he proceeded to kick out a side window with both feet. He had to be placed in leg restraints to keep him from hurting himself.

According to KCSO Sgt. Ryan Abbott, later that day firefighters were also called to the property for an attic fire and had to request officers return and assist because the homeowner was being hostile with them. Abbott commented, “Everything ended up ending fine with no one arrested.”

Snoqualmie Police said the original suspect was booked into King County Jail on Second Degree Assault/Domestic Violence and Obstruction charges and was bailed out the next day. They said he was then arrested again in North Bend the following week for theft and resisting arrest – fighting with the very same officers.

The popular Snoqualmie Police Department Facebook page said, “Sometimes this job is like a Choose Your Own Adventure novel, just with other people choosing your adventure.”

Police activity on Reinig Road in Snoqualmie, 4/26/19.

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