Sno-Valley Transportation Options to get a Boost from a New Campaign

Transportation Services in the Snoqualmie Valley aren’t limited to a traditional bus, and riders may not even recognize smaller shuttles, vans and even personal cars as an option to get from place to place.

The Coordinated Awareness Campaign from the Snoqualmie Valley Mobility Coalition (SVMC) aims to change that, by increasing awareness and understanding of existing travel options for valley residents, employees and visitors. 

Residents can now look to their local city websites to find a comprehensive list of services available – categorized for general use, specific age groups, special needs and trip types. In addition, utility bills will include flyers, and social media campaigns will share resources such as – which recently expanded coverage to the Snoqualmie Valley region.

With increased awareness, the goal is to get non-drivers and those interested in driving less where they need to go.  Ultimately, greater awareness will hopefully result in increased ridership of existing services, as well as improved and expanded services within, to and from the Snoqualmie Valley.

The Coordinated Awareness Campaign is the result of a partnership between the Snoqualmie Valley Mobility Coalition, valley cities and organizations. SVMC is led by Hopelink Mobility Management, which convened in 2017 as a distinct subregional coalition to address the unique needs of the Snoqualmie Valley.  The Coordinated Awareness Campaign is one of several projects that SVMC is working on to improve transportation in the valley. 

In addition, in 2021, Hopelink received a grant to create the “One-Call/One-Click” system that will ease the process of getting from place to place not only in the Snoqualmie Valley but the Central Puget Sound.

With user testing expected to begin next summer, the system will make it possible for anyone who needs to get from one location to another in the Central Puget Sound area to connect directly with travel options through a number of different platforms – including a call center, website and apps.

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