Skyline High School Threat Investigation Hits Dead End

Skyline High School went back to school toady.  It was a late start and sheriffs were present, but students and staff went back after school was closed Thursday, September 20th, due to a violence threat against students.

In the two days since the threat surfaced on social media, detectives followed up on every tip and lead generated by the public.  Based on the interviews conducted and information they have assessed thus far, no suspect has been identified.

The forensic investigation conducted by King County Sheriff’s Office detectives, in cooperation with the FBI, hit a dead-end when the IP address was traced to a proxy server in Sweden.  Proxy servers are commonly used to disguise true IP addresses.

There have been no additional threats to Skyline, nor any other school in the area.

The King County Sheriff’s Office cannot verify that the threat came from a student nor anyone in this area.  However if anyone believes they have information that may lead to the person or people responsible, they are asked to call the King County Sheriff’s Office at 206-296-3311.

A Skyline student posted this video on Facebook in response to the threat, subsequent school closure and investigation.  King County Sheriff Sergeant, Jessica Sullivan, describes the video as “excellent take-away message.”

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